2. I have an audio/film piece in this show nestled amongst a beautiful ocean of amazing work by some amazing artists. I am very honored to be part of this show at the wonderful One Mile Gallery. It is made up of collected sounds and images from my travels in Europe and the UK while on a recent tour with the band Death Vessel. The show is up until June 28th. 

  3. a new stop motion music video i made for ben mason of melbourne. 

  4. i toured with califone back in september playing drums, keys, singing, and random sound and noise making. it was really amazing to get to play this music that i love. check out their recent video. it is really amazing and different every time.

    (Source: califonestitches)

  5. I just recently made this, my latest stop motion animation, for Ben Mason, famed musician from Melbourne, Australia - a track off of his new record  ’Holes and Corners’. This is ‘I Can See Again’. 

  6. I am leaving this Wednesday to teach workshops at an art camp for adults on this island in New Hampshire.  Really very excited!

  7. 'Ancient Star Older Than The Universe'  - Huffington Post Article

  8. Last week I taught a summer camp for kids age 7 - 12. I called it Summer Arts Workshop 2013.  We spent four days making instruments out of found objects and writing songs, making stop motion film and an accompanying soundtrack and narration, and painting, drawing, and making things out of felt and duct tape. Here is the film the kids made. I love it. It’s wacky and sweet and short and funny. They did everything - film, act, draw, conjure up ideas, make props, edit, write parts and play instruments, and narrate.  

    Hope you enjoy watching it. Click on the photo above….

  9. I have been playing drums/keys/glock/uke/vox lately with a wonderful human named Joel Thibodeau who goes by the name Death Vessel. There are six of us playing in this Death Vessel band. It’s pretty wonderful music making. Please have a listen. There will be a new record out early next year on Sub Pop, and it’s AMAZING. In the meantime check out his also amazing earlier recordings, also on Sub Pop.

  10. Really looking forward to playing a string of shows with the amazing Lori Goldston this week, starting with this one here in Providence tonight, May 15th, at Machine with Magnets. This is also the first night playing out as Manzanita, my new solo project, the instrumental architecture of which can be seen in this photo.

    Shows also on the following dates at the following venues:

    5/16 - The Parlor Room, Northhampton, MA

    Also as posted of thee Facebook:

    Mike Gamble, Lori Goldston (Black Cat Orchestra, Earth, Nirvana) , Rachel Blumberg ( Bright Eyes, The Decemberists)

    May 17 at 9:00pm